Earn real money
You can earn real money with your game server with G2A Goldmine. If you have a web page for your server you can add a Reflink and earn money.

G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchases made in the G2A shop using your 'Reflinks' or discount coupons. The information tracing your Reflinks can be easily accessed on each product page. you most likely wonder what a Reflink is, right? Let us take a look at the first set of information down here.

A Reflink is actually a simple link assigned individually to you only, for example Richie Rich, it should look like this: www.g2a.com/r/riche-rich. At first sight it may look simplistic but give it a chance, this is going to be your main tool that will help you earn money.

You only need to register at https://www.g2a.com/goldmine/join/us/KA3D1S81
create your Reflink and insert your Reflink in your web page.

You can find more information at G2A Goldmine.