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   World of Greyhawk CEP 2_65  
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   action ()  
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 Version/Expansions  Enforce Legal Characters
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   1 - 40  
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   full PVP  
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   Using only the CEP 2.65 HakPak, the World of Greyhawk is one of the oldest servers around. With over 450 areas, the world is rich and immense, and filled with danger and intrigue. The Greyhawk Wars -- War's End ... for two long years (582 to 584 CY), the nations of the Flanaess had schemed, murdered, and warred against each other until nearly all sides lay bloodied and beaten: war had exhausted the land and the people. Furyondy and Iuz ground to a stalemate; Nyrond's vast coffers were drained dry and its overtaxed peasants were rebellious; the Great Kingdom was shattered into a swarm of petty landholdings vying for power; Keoland fought invasion on all sides; countless men, dwarves, elves, and orcs marched off to war, never to return; farms stood empty; fields lay fallow. . . . The Flanaess could make war no longer. Proposals for a peace conference met with greater and greater acceptance. The puppets of the Scarlet Brotherhood, taking orders from the Father of Obedience, issued a call for a grand truce:[44] every nation would cease hostilities and put its own house in order. In the end, through negotiation, intimidation, and even assassination, the Brotherhood's proposal found acceptance.[45] The City of Greyhawk, untouched by the war, became the site of the conference.[46] In the month of Harvester, the Great Council (as it came to be known) convened. The proposed truce, though simple in theory, proved an enormous undertaking, what with the countless ambassadors present. In the six months of the Great Council, intrigues abounded as each side attempted to gain the upper hand. The conference nearly collapsed more than once when ambassadors took umbrage over some real or imagined slight. The final act of the immense drama of war occurred on the Day of the Great Signing. A pact had been resolved and nearly all the nations had agreed to sign it. As this solemn ceremony got underway, however, a tumultuous event occurred. Even today a haze obscures the details: apparently someone plotted to annihilate the entire diplomatic corps in attendance, but the scheme misfired. A blazing explosion destroyed a good part of the Grand Hall only minutes before the ambassadors assembled for the day. A fierce magical battle immediately ensued, spreading havoc through much of the old city. When the fire and dust cleared, constables discovered smoldering robes belonging to two powerful members of the mysterious Circle of Eight--Otiluke and Tenser. The murderer of these wizards, undeniably a powerful mage, was discovered to be a third member of the Circle of Eight--Rary. Using secrets gained in confidence, Rary not only vaporized his two fellows but also tracked down and destroyed every clone the pair held in preparation. The motive behind Rary's treachery remains clouded. According to many who knew him, the wizard probably saw an opportunity to seize power and land in the confusion that would follow the assassinations. Others suggest Rary was a pawn of the Scarlet Brotherhood. With the plot discovered, though, Rary and his co-conspirator Lord Robilar fled the city. Unable to return to Robilar's castle, which was immediately seized by the troops of Greyhawk, the pair escaped into the Bright Desert. There they conquered the savages and established a kingdom of their own. Though small and mysterious, this growing state could someday threaten the very borders of Greyhawk. Fearing further disruptions, the delegates hurriedly signed the Pact of Greyhawk, and so the wide-ranging war of the Flanaess came to an end, and gained the misleading title, the Greyhawk Wars. The year is now 585, and a winter looms looms on the horizon. The Shield Lands lie in ruins. Critwall is an island surrounded by the forces of Iuz. Furyondy is stretched to the brink as they seek to check the advance of Iuz. To the south, an Empire stands where none has stood-- The Pomarj. Under the leadership of Turrosh Mak, they have carved a kingdom from the Wild Coast, the Suss Forest, the Principality of Ulek, and have seized control of the trade and commerce of the Woolly Bay. Few if any have escaped the last two years of calamity for the war has touched all. This is the world in which your hero lives-- a world filled with treachery, war, suspicion, intrigue and fear. This is the world of Greyhawk. This is the stage that your character is thrust upon. These are the times that you are in. In addition to the above, the following are independent adventures within Greyhawk that you may seek... at your own peril (note, the following is just a guideline and is in no definitive: The Village of Hommlet: Levels 1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil: 4-12 Ruskis & Pirate Skullduggery: 1-4 Borderkeep: Last Bastion Against the Pomarj: 2-10 Ghost Tower of Inverness: 7-11 Against the Giants: Intended from about 8th level through mid-Epic Cult of the Dragon: 8th into Epic The Marklands (The Great Northern Crusade): 14th through mid Epic White Plume Mountain: 14th into Epic Rary the Traitor: Epic and Beyond Queen of the Demon Web Pits: Epic and Beyond Undermountain: 5 into Epic Ruins of Castle Greyhawk: Under Construction, to be announced