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 Dungeons and Dragons - Seven Dragons
 Module Name  One Party Only
   $CH1 Narcs Tale of 7 Dragons 3_8_168  
 Game Type  Pause And Play
   roleplay ()  
 IP And Port  ItemLevelRestrictions  
 Version/Expansions  Enforce Legal Characters
 Levels  Players
   1 - 40  
   0 / 60  
 PVP Setting  Password
   full PVP  
 Allow Local Chars  Module Description
   Join the websites - and the Narcs Adventure Games guild at for more information. Story - Your quest is to hunt down 7 dragons and to retrieve all 7 Talisman that they possess. These talismen will allow you to rid Terra Firma of evil, so you think... Module Highlights: -Designed for newbies and for level 40 characters -Money system in place - Kill and get paid -6 Towns -Many quests -At times over 50+ creatures on the screen at once -Battles have lasted up to 1 1/2 hours -150 Areas to explore -200 hours of game play -Loads of custom creatures -Genre is "Story-lite"/Hack and Slash -Firedeamon is in place so the module restarts in 1 minute if it crashes -Excellent support by Module Creator Total development hours: 500 Developers info: Name: Narc Credentials: Computer Science/Business Degree and a love for RPG/Adventure games Sequel: Chapter 2 of this module titled CH2 Narcs Bonds of Blood Contact Info: