Server details
 Module Name  One Party Only
   MoonseaHOTU 18-3  
 Game Type  Pause And Play
   pwaction ()  
 IP And Port  ItemLevelRestrictions  
 Version/Expansions  Enforce Legal Characters
 Levels  Players
   1 - 40  
   0 / 30  
 PVP Setting  Password
   full PVP  
 Allow Local Chars  Module Description
   Hlontar PW - SoU, HotU, CEP 2 An action-based roleplay server Huge world to explore All levels 1-40 Moderate advancement Challenging combat Free Crafting Hlontar is a small city built on the ruins of an old empire and situated in the monster-infested no-man's land between the warring armies of Zhentil Keep and Hillsfar. We invite you to come and join the adventure!