Server details
 ES) Ultimo Reino
 Module Name  One Party Only
   Ultimo Reino V2  
 Game Type  Pause And Play
   roleplay ()  
 IP And Port  ItemLevelRestrictions  
 Version/Expansions  Enforce Legal Characters
 Levels  Players
   1 - 20  
   2 / 20  
 PVP Setting  Password
   full PVP  
 Allow Local Chars  Module Description
   DMFI 101: So You Want To Be A DM This self-teach module demonstrates how to use the basic functions of the DM client and exposes DMs to common uses of the DMFI wand and widget set. After completing the module, a DM should have all the skills necessary to run a multiplayer NWN session. An adventuring area is also included where DMs can set up mini-adventures for players. Brought to you by the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI):