Server details
 Leonidas Presents
 Module Name  One Party Only
   Path of Ascension  
 Game Type  Pause And Play
   action ()  
 IP And Port  ItemLevelRestrictions  
 Version/Expansions  Enforce Legal Characters
 Levels  Players
   1 - 40  
   0 / 30  
 PVP Setting  Password
   party PVP  
 Allow Local Chars  Module Description
   Leonidas's Path of Ascension has been expanded to over 350 maps and specialty gear sets for all character classes. CEP it not required but Platinum Series and 1.69 patch are needed. Explore the greatly expanded Underdark and dozens of epic areas to recover powerful lost items, weapons, and other loot. This semi persistent world has been online for over 8 years and always expanding.