Server details
 ITA - Ravenloft - Barovia
 Module Name  One Party Only
 Game Type  Pause And Play
   roleplay ()  
 IP And Port  ItemLevelRestrictions  
 Version/Expansions  Enforce Legal Characters
 Levels  Players
   1 - 20  
   1 / 64  
 PVP Setting  Password
   full PVP  
 Allow Local Chars  Module Description
   Barovia Online Final 1.0 DOMINI: -Barovia -Forlorn -Vette Fiammeggianti -Casa del Lamento -Tepest -Borca -Terre dell'incubo -Keening PSW Sturben: "GIUSTIZIATO" ADMIN: -Luthienne DM: -Stigia -Ghost -Crime Index -Beerbaron BUILDERS: -Magobargle -Luthienne -Eresy -Kinesh -xRayx -Beerbaron SCRIPTERS: -Lord Ariall -Mordred THX TO FOR THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SOME BUILDS: -Tukaram -Mago Bargle -BeerBaron -Lord Ariall refres: btreas_1731 refres: leg_154